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It may seem odd – ‘Paying’ to ‘Volunteer’ – but in fact, your placements are free, and your help much required – the costs involved go towards your necessary accommodation and board, relevant visa, and transfers within the country. As an isolated country of tiny islands, the vast majority of everything is imported, and it’s actually a pretty expensive country to be in!
Volunteer Maldives work closely with all the NGO’s and organizations involved in each of the programs; accommodation has been checked, and program content has been reviewed. As a small and professional team based in the capital of Male, we’ve had many years in the industry, and have a vast network of resources that can be called upon when needed, giving all our volunteers piece of mind, when booking there once in a lifetime experience, they’re in capable and caring hands! 
Volunteer Maldives is a ‘not for profit’ organisation, and we understand, for the majority of people fees are not easy to come by!  Pie chart on the righ shows how your fees are spent


Volunteering your time in the Maldives though, is an amazing experience – incredibly unique, you’re very well taken care of whilst here, and you’ll grow in ways you’ve never thought of!



Accommodation and 3 meals a day is included with all Volunteer Maldives projects. With the islanders, and through relevant NGO’s, volunteers will have either a Home stay, specific accommodation attached to a school, a local guesthouse, or sometime a house just for volunteers. The type will depend on which island your project is based on. Meals will either be cooked by the host family, a cook assigned to a school, or in some cases meals will be arranged to be taken at a local café. This part of your placement fee clearly goes back directly into the community.




Volunteer Maldives has a team of people dedicated to assisting and looking after all our volunteers. It can be daunting, arriving in a new country, and even if only logistically, the Maldives is a very unique destination, but the team are always on hand to guide you through each step of the way, from when you send your initial inquiry, until you’re at the airport and on your way home after the placement! We’re still in touch with many of our past volunteers who continue to be an inspiration long after they’ve left the Maldives!






Very popular are our t-shirts! Don’t forget to let us know your size when completing the application form!  Our bag very handy for all your bits and pieces - For beach days out or going to your project!




The Maldives is 99% water! Volunteer Maldives will arrange the best appropriate method to get you to your placement island once you arrive. Most transfers are by either speedboat, or local ferry, and sometimes you’ll be able to have an option for paying a little extra and taking a fabulous Seaplane!

We’ve cheekily compared costs between the small number of other companies operating programs here in the Maldives (please remember, we are actually based here in the capital of Male, and will be around to support you at all times! We know, and keep abreast of all our program island partners, and what’s going on where!




FLIGHTS to the Maldives, but please contact us for ideas of airlines if required, there are many international carriers everyday into the Maldives, and some very competitive prices out there!




Insurance is compulsory, and we will request details of your provider and policy number before you come out, so we can contact them on your behalf in the unlikely event that an emergency should arise.


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Hit the ENRILL NOW button on the individual programs, or drop us an email to check availability of programs and secure your placement.



We will need a copy of your resume/CV, and tell us a bit about yourself and what you’d like to get out of your volunteer experience – the more we know about you, the easier it will be to match you with a perfect placement!



We will match you up with a project that fits in with your chosen travel dates - we may also offer some suggestions to enhance your trip (new projects etc).



You will be required to complete the full VM application form which we will e mail you to complete and return to us.



We’ll be asking you to submit other relevant documentation in support of your application – for example, certificates if you are applying for qualified positions. We will also expect our volunteers to provide a Police Report or Criminal Records check – if this is not possible or difficult to obtain from some countries, we will be obtain references for you.



On acceptance of your project, we will require you to pay a US$250 non refundable deposit. This is payable within 14 days of invoicing in order to guarantee your placement.



At least one month prior to your arrival, and once we have received all your completed documentation, we will confirm the island your placement will be (for much of the time we’ll inform you at the time of your booking confirmation) , and liaise with you to co- ordinate the best arrival dates and any other information pertaining to your specific project.

As we’re based in the Maldives, some of the usual payment methods taken for granted elsewhere in the world are not available to us here in the Indian Ocean!
With ‘Pay pal’ and online payments unavailable, we find our volunteers are comfortable making transfers directly from their bank to ours the safest and quickest method.
There is usually a small fee charged by your bank to cover the transfer costs and we’ll add this to your invoice at the time of booking so it is not overlooked.
Once you have committed to your chosen program, we will require immediate payment of the deposit, and dependent on the time scale prior to you coming out, full payment is required 60 days before hand. All relevant bank details will be shown on the invoice, and we’re always available to assist if you have any questions at all!